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KOOZA Poster Design


Cover Designs

When my talented sculptor friend, Kelseo, invited me to create a cover spread for her latest, "book-chair" piece, I knew I had to choose a theme that resonated with both of us. As Third Culture Kids, we both understood the struggles of finding a sense of home and belonging. Let's embrace it!

Exploring Personality through Design

Angler Fish:

 are scary, unknown creatures of the deep sea. I think they're delightful. Through color explorations, I designed a few characters that bring personality, empathy and a bit of fun to our dear angler fish friends.

Eddy's Shadow Puppets:

is a children's book I'm currently working on about a witty, Asian grandpa. By finding inspiration in varying mediums and eras of time, I get to experiment the depths of his charm and character.

Silhouette Explorations: 

of fanatic chefs, magical monsters, and so much more!

Various Works

Backgrounds & Character Design: 'Fascinating World' Short
Christmas Card Illustrations:
snow 1.jpg
snow 2.jpg
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