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My Bouquet


Software: Blender, Autodesk Maya, Toon Boom Storyboard Pro, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Audition, Davinci Resolve

Project duration: 3 months

After losing her grandfather, Arlo, an adventurous space explorer travels to different planets in search of flowers. Using a hybrid 3D/2D styles, this film explores the underlying impacts of grief and how it can become a force for joy and life.

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Film Stills:


Fascinating World


Software: Clip Studio, ToonBoom Storyboard Pro, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Audition

Project duration: 3 months

Awards & Recognition: Quarter-Finalist SWIFF Festival 2023, Screening at Roxie Theatre 2023

“Fascinating World” is a 2D mixed media animation based on my observations living in a chaotic, urban city. This film encompasses a city’s tender, endearing aspects along with its chaos and unpredictability. It’s a testament to all of us who had to move into a new environment, one that enhances yet challenges our way of living.

Film Stills:



Software: Clip Studio, Blender, Adobe Premiere Pro

Project duration:  24 hours

An unexpected encounter between a capybara and a mysterious button. Made for California College of the Arts 24 Frames 24 hour challenge. 

Optic at the Optometerist


Software: Procreate, Adobe Animate, Adobe Premiere Pro

Project duration: 2 weeks

Optic takes his daily visit to the Eye Doctor except...there seems to be an unexpected visitor. 

Always check for eye floaters. 

Threading is Sew Hard!


Project Duration: 2 weeks

Man vs Thread. The fight of the century...who will win? 

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