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3D Animation Reel

Software: Autodesk Maya, Blender

3D Modeling Reel

Softwares: Z-brush, Autodesk Maya, Blender, Adobe Substance Painter

3D Character Posters


Project: "Phyliss & Del" poster design

Software: Autodesk Maya, Z-Brush, Adobe Substance Paint. Adobe Photoshop



Project: "OH MY DUCK" poster design

Software: Blender, Adobe Illustrator. ClipStudio

3D Characters


Project: "My Bouquet" Short Film

Software: Autodesk Maya, Blender, Adobe Substance Paint. Adobe Photoshop


Alien Background Characters Modeling: 

How can we make the most silly, weird, wonderful alien friends for our main characters to encounter?

Props: Arlo's Space Room Interior 

Based on stunning sketches of Hugh Le, we translated that fluid, child-like space for Arlo's spaceship room. Every piece is fairly minimalist yet adds to the sentiments and backstory of our character.

Pencil Sketches by Hugh Le

Modeling and Render by Karina Zhou

Close-Up Interior Samples


Screenshot from 'My Bouquet' Short Film 2023

Prop Modeling: Arlo's Control Panel

Grabbing inspiration from various sketches, we picked out the most appealing elements for Arlo's Spaceship Control Panel, keeping a consistent design style and color palette,

While the sketches were excellent, we chose to simplify the space so they matched our main character's world more.


Extra Props:

Alien Stylized Landscapes

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