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Eddy & the Shadow Puppets

When I was younger, I moved schools often. The fear of making new friends felt immensely challenging – the world appeared gray and boring. Just like our main character Eddy, I didn’t know how to even begin introducing myself to my peers. During these periods, I fell in love with art.

Learning art connected me with my family culture and that’s when I discovered shadow puppets!  For centuries, this medium brought joy, entertainment and a sense of belonging to adults and children alike. 

Eddy is shy and afraid to speak up. Yet his kindness and compassion allow him to connect with new friends and help the shadow puppets return to their home. By the end, we witness Eddy’s confidence blossom and his appreciation for art grow stronger than ever.

Publisher: TBD

Length: 50 pages. 

Age Group: 4-7 

Awards: Gold in the 'Sino-French International Illustration Contest' 2022

Interior Spreads Samples: 
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